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Ask a Question

What is Bloggerhood?
Bloggerhood is a free platform matching nano and micro influencers with advertisers. It allows bloggers to earn even with a small blog while working with famous brands. Upon registration bloggers gain access to advertising offers from brands and resources required for creating content.
How do I earn with Bloggerhood?
Once you are a registered user you can select relevant advertising offers from a variety of categories and GEOs and integrate provided creative materials into your YouTube, Instagram or Twitch. Each offer contains financial conditions: your account is credited every time your audience acts in accordance with the specified requirements – views an ad, clicks a link, installs an app, subscribes, purchases goods or services etc. Advertisers may also set a mixed payout, e.g. comprising a flat fee per participation + premium for a desired action (Flat Fee + CPA).
How does it work?
It’s easy!
After your ad is approved, we’ll issue a special tracking link that needs to be placed in your video description or post. Using this link both you and the advertiser will be able to track the number of views or specific actions. In your Bloggerhood account you can access your campaigns statistics and administer your payouts.
I don’t have many subscribers. Will I fit?
Very likely!
The most important is not always how large is your audience but rather how engaged it is and what is your level or trust. We will accept influencers with at least 1000 subscribers, and it is quite enough to start your first campaign. Please note that some advertisers may impose additional requirements for quantity and geographic location of followers.
How long?
We highly appreciate your time and effort. So we decided to take over the most time-consuming process – production of creative material. Most of the offers on Bloggerhood will come with ready-to-use visuals, so you are only responsible for their integration into your blog.
Am I obliged to provide access to my social media account?
We understand your concern and value your privacy, so we only ask you to provide us with information that is required to recommend you the offers which will fit you at the best (link to the channel, channel topic).

For your convenience we have an option to sign up with your YouTube or Twitch account, so the system automatically gains access to selected data in your profile (name, email, language settings and profile photo). Worth to mention, Bloggerhood is a certified Google partner, so be sure – your Google account is safe.

Connecting your social media to Bloggerhood is optional, and not obligatory. Registration can also be complete using your email and http link to your channel or account. Should you apply for an offer, our manager may request additional information (such as location of your subscribers) to make sure your account fits the requirements of an advertiser.